Practice Directions



ADMIN-1 Management of Practice Directions

ADMIN-2 Court Registry Information

ADMIN-3 Use of Courthouse and Courthouse Property

ADMIN-4 Receiving Informations and Issuing Process

ADMIN-5 Circuit Cancellation Due to Weather

ADMIN-6 Diversion Payments into Court Registry

     ADMIN-6 FORM Diversion Funds Agreement

ADMIN-7 Public WiFi

ADMIN-8 Search Warrant and Production Order Applications

ADMIN-9 Media Accreditation

     ADMIN-9 FORM Request for Media Accreditation

ADMIN-10 Travel On Court Chartered Plane


APP-1 Applications in Criminal Law Matters

     APP-1 FORM Order

     APP-1 FORM Affidavit

     APP-1 FORM Consent Order

     APP-1 FORM Notice of Application

APP-2 Preliminary Inquiries

     APP-2 FORM A Statement Identifying Issues and Witnesses

     APP-2 FORM B Request for Pre-Hearing Conference

     APP-2 FORM C Agreement and Admissions at Pre-Hearing Conference

     APP-2 FORM D Mutual Agreement to Limit Scope of Preliminary Inquiry

APP-3 Bail Assessment Reports

     APP-3 FORM Bail Assessment Report Request

APP-4 Assessment Orders (s.672.11, s. 752.1, s. 753.01)

     APP-4 FORM Assessment Orders Registry Request


CP-1 Court Start Times and Calling of the List

     CP-1 FORM Counsel List

CP-2 Position of Counsel in Courtroom

CP-3 Telephone Appearance by Counsel

CP-4 Court Interpreters

     CP-4 FORM Request for a Court Interpreter

CP-5 Setting Trial and Sentencing Dates

CP-6 Expectations for Pre-trial Conferences

CP-7 Conduct of Circuits by Telephone

CP-8 Resolutions and Adjournments

CP-9 WASH Bail Court

CP-9.2 WASH Bail Court Video Appearances

CP-10 Peace Bonds

CP-11 Bringing Files Forward

CP-12 Designation of Counsel

     CP-12 FORM Designation of Counsel

CP-13 Oaths and Affirmations

CP-14 Peace Officer Weapons in Court

CP-15  Use of Restraints and Courtroom Screening

CP-16 Release Orders

     CP-16 FORM Affidavit and Release Order

CP-17 Accommodation in the Courtroom

CP-18 Proceedings in French

CP-19 Tendering Dangerous Exhibits

CP-20 Special Circuit Sittings

CP-21 Bail Court


DOC-1 Neutral Citation of Judgments

DOC-2 Casebooks and Frequently Cited Authorities

DOC-3 Identification of Notary Public or Other Person Receiving a Sworn or Affirmed Document

DOC-4 Signature of Counsel


TECH-1 Access to Audio Recordings of Court Proceedings

     TECH-1 FORM Request for copy of CD from court recording

     TECH-1 FORM Request to listen to a court recording

     TECH-1 FORM Undertaking of Counsel

TECH-2 Use of Electronic Equipment During Court Proceedings

TECH-3 Requesting Special Equipment for Court Proceedings

TECH-4 Victim Attendance as Observer by Video

     TECH-4 FORM Tele-presence order

TECH-5 Use of Electronic Equipment in Court Registry

TECH-6 Video Remand