Yukon Rules and Forms

The judges of the Supreme Court of Yukon are authorized by s. 38 of the Judicature Act, R.S.Y. 2002, c. 128, to make rules of practice and procedure in civil and criminal matters. Prior to September 15, 2008, the Rules of Court for the Supreme Court of British Columbia were in force. Effective September 15, 2008, the new Rules of Court for the Supreme Court of Yukon will be in force for all civil matters.

Annotated Rules

Annotated Rules


Table of Contents


Rule 1: Introduction and Definitions       

Rule 2: Effect of Non-Compliance  

Rule 3: Time

Rule 4: Forms and Address for Delivery

Rule 5: Multiple Claims and Parties

Rule 6: Persons Under Disability

Rule 7: Partnerships

Rule 8: Statement of Claim

Rule 9: Renewal of Statement of Claim

Rule 10: Petition

Rule 11: Service and Delivery of Documents

Rule 12: Substituted Service

Rule 13: Service Outside Yukon

Rule 14: Appearance

Rule 15: Change of Parties

Rule 16: Change or Withdrawal of Lawyer

Rule 17: Default of Appearance or Pleading

Rule 18: Summary Judgment

Rule 19: Summary Trial

Rule 20: Pleadings Generally

Rule 21: Statement of Defence and Counterclaim

Rule 22: Third Party Procedure

Rule 23: Reply and Subsequent Pleadings

Rule 24: Amendment

Rule 25: Discovery of Documents

Rule 26: Use of Evidence Outside the Proceeding

Rule 27: Examination For Discovery

Rule 28: Pre-trial Examination of Witness

Rule 29: Discovery By Interrogations

Rule 30: Physical Examination and Inspection

Rule 31: Admissions

Rule 32: Inquiries, Assessments and Accounts

Rule 33: Court Appointed Experts

Rule 34: Evidence of Own Experts

Rule 35: Stated Case

Rule 36: Case Management Conference

Rule 37: Judicial Settlement Conference See Practice Direction Civil-1, Family-12 Form 108A: Binding Judicial Settlement

Rule 38: Discontinuance and Withdrawal

Rule 39: Offer to Settle

Rule 40: Depositions

Rule 41: Trial

Rule 42: Evidence and Procedure at Trial

Rule 43: Orders

Rule 44: Enforcement of Orders

Rule 45: Examination in Aid of Execution

Rule 46: Sales by the Court

Rule 47: Applications

Rule 48: Setting Down Application for Hearing

Rule 49: Affidavits

Rule 50: Chambers

Rule 51: Injunctions

Rule 52: Detention, Preservation and Recovery of Property

Rule 53: Appeals

Rule 54: Application for Judicial Review

Rule 55: Interpleader

Rule 56: Receivers

Rule 57: Foreclosure and Cancellation See Practice Direction Civil 9 for Forms 117 and 118

Rule 58: Reciprocal Enforcement of Judgment

Rule 59: Contempt of Court

Rule 60: Costs

Rule 61: Money in Court

Rule 62: Sittings and Hearings

Rule 63: Divorce and Family Law

Rule 63A: Family Law Proceeding - Financial Disclosure

Rule 64: Administration of Estates (Non-Contentious)

Rule 65: Administration of Estates (Contentious)

Rule 66: Transfer of Proceedings to and From Territorial Court

Appendix B: Party and Party Costs

Appendix C: Fees




Appendix A

Form 1: Statement of Claim  (Word format)

Form 2: Petition (Word Format)

Form 3: Requisition for order  (Word Format)

Form 4: Requisition  (Word Format) For Estates Files, please see new forms attached to Practice Direction Estates-1

Form 5: Certificate of fitness  (Word Format)

Form 6: Affidavit of attainment of majority  (Word Format)

Form 7: Affidavit of service  (Word Format)

Form 8: Affidavit of delivery  (Word Format)

Form 9: Appearance  (Word Format)

Form 10: Statement of defence  (Word Format)

Form 11: Response  (Word Format)

Form 12: Acknowledgment of receipt card  (Word Format)

Form 13: Notice of appointment or change of lawyer  (Word Format)

Form 14: Notice of self-representation  (Word Format)

Form 15: Notice of intention to withdraw for delivery  (Word Format)

Form 16: Notice of objection  (Word Format)

Form 17: Notice of change of address for delivery  (Word Format)

Form 18: Notice of withdrawal of lawyer  (Word Format)

Form 19: Counterclaim  (Word Format)

Form 20: Notice to defendant by counterclaim  (Word Format)

Form 21: Third party notice  (Word Format)

Form 22: Reply  (Word Format)

Form 23: Statement of defence to counterclaim  (Word Format)

Form 24: Notice of intention to proceed  (Word Format)

Form 25: Subpoena  (Word Format)

Form 26: Interrogatories  (Word Format)

Form 27: Notice to admit (Word Format)

Form 28: Appointment  (Word Format)

Form 29: Notice of order  (Word Format)

Form 30: Notice of stated case  (Word Format)

Form 31: Notice of hearing of stated case  (Word Format)

Form 32: Notice of discontinuance  (Word Format)

Form 33: Notice of withdrawal  (Word Format)

Form 34: Declaration for payment out  (Word Format)

Form 35: Order for examination of persons outside the jurisdiction  (Word Format)

Form 36: Instructions to examiner  (Word Format)

Form 37: Order for issue of a letter or request to judicial authority of another jurisdiction  (Word Format)

Form 38: Letter of request for examination of witness out of jurisdiction  (Word Format)

Form 39: Notice of trial  (Word Format)

Form 40: Notice to produce  (Word Format)

Form 41: Notice of intention to call adverse party as a witness  (Word Format)

Form 42: Warrant  (Word Format)

Form 43: Order (Trial)  (Word Format)

Form 44: Order (Application)  (Word Format)

Form 45: Writ of execution (Seizure and sale)  (Word Format)

Form 46: Writ of execution (Possession or delivery)  (Word Format)

Form 47: Writ or execution (Rents and profits)  (Word Format)

Form 48: Acknowledgment of payment  (Word Format)

Form 49: Judgment summons  (Word Format)

Form 50: Order of committement  (Word Format)

Form 51: Certificate of result of sale  (Word Format)

Form 52: Notice of application  (Word Format)

Form 53: Consent order  (Word Format)

Form 54: Order without notice  (Word Format)

Form 55: Security of receiver by undertaking  (Word Format)

Form 56: Notice of appeal  (Word Format)

Form 57: Notice of hearing of appeal  (Word Format)

Form 58: Notice of abandonment of appeal  (Word Format)

Form 59: Affidavit  (Word Format)

Form 60: Affidavit of interpreter  (Word Format)

Form 61: Order to register foreign judgment  (Word Format)

Form 62: Warrant  (Word Format)

Form 63: Undertaking  (Word Format)

Form 64: Release order  (Word Format)

Form 65: Offer to settle  (Word Format)

Form 66: Notice of withdrawal of offer  (Word Format)

Form 67: Acceptance of offer  (Word Format)

Form 68: Bill of Costs of (Judgment)  (Word Format)

Form 69: Bill of Costs of (Default judgment)  (Word Format)

Form 70: Certificate of costs  (Word Format)

Form 71: Certificate of fees  (Word Format)

Form 72: Affidavit of executor  (Word Format) For Estates Files, please see new forms attached to Practice Direction Estates-1

Form 73: Affidavit of notice of application  (Word Format) For Estates Files, please see new forms attached to Practice Direction Estates-1

Form 74: Affidavit of administrator  (Word Format) For Estates Files, please see new forms attached to Practice Direction Estates-1

Form 75: Affidavit of administrator (Will annexed)  (Word Format) For Estates Files, please see new forms attached to Practice Direction Estates-1

Form 76: Notice to next of kin  (Word Format) For Estates Files, please see new forms attached to Practice Direction Estates-1

Form 77: Administration bond  (Word Format)

Form 78: Administration bond on resealing  (Word Format)

Form 79: Caveat  (Word Format)

Form 80: Notice to caveator  (Word Format)

Form 81: Subpoena to accept probate as executor  (Word Format)

Form 82: Answer  (Word Format)

Form 83: Subpoena to apply for grant of probate of an alleged will  (Word Format)

Form 84: Answer  (Word Format)

Form 85: Subpoena to bring in a will or asset  (Word Format)

Form 86: Affidavit for resealing of grant  (Word Format)

Form 87: Affidavit to pass accounts  (Word Format)

Form 88: Statement of account  (Word Format)

Form 89: Subpoena to bring in grant  (Word Format)

Form 90: Default judgment  (Word Format)

Form 91: Statement of claim (Family law)  (Word Format) Updated May 2012

Form 92: Statement of defence (Family law)  (Word Format)

Form 93: Counterclaim (Family law)  (Word Format) Updated May 2012

Form 94: Financial statement  (Word Format) Updated March 2012

Form 95: Notice to file a financial statement  (Word Format)

Form 96: Agreement as to annual income and amount of child support  (Word Format)

Form 97: Affidavit for divorce order (Word Format)

Form 98: Child support affidavit  (Word Format)

Form 99: Restraining order  (Word Format)

Form 100: Divorce order  (Word Format)

Form 101: Certificate of divorce  (Word Format)

Form 102: Notice of withdrawal (Family law)  (Word Format)

Form 103: Notice of hearing  (Word Format)

Form 104: Outline  (Word Format)

Form 105: Request  (Word Format)

Form 106: Notice and summary of documents  (Word Format)

Form 107: Certificate  (Word Format)

Form 108: Case management conference order  (Word Format)

Form 109: Family law case conference order  (Word Format)

Form 110: Affidavit of documents (Individual)  (Word Format)

Form 111: Affidavit of documents (Other than individual)  (Word Format)

Form 112: Request to inspect documents  (Word Format)

Form 113: Appointment to examine for discovery  (Word Format)

Form 114: Offer to settle costs  (Word Format)

Form 115: Grant of probate  Please see new forms attached to Practice Direction Estates-1

Form 116: Letters of administration  Please see new forms attached to Practice Direction Estates-1