Practice Directions

The Senior Judge of the Supreme Court of Yukon periodically issues practice directions which are intended to assist and guide the legal profession and the public about how cases are presented in Court. The practice directions deal with various issues of practice, conduct and procedure and are varied and updated as necessary.





  1. Revised Practice Directions
  2. Settlements and Adjournments
  3. Trial Record
  4. Filing of Copies of Documents
  5. Address of Court and Court Registration Information
  6. Use of Courtrooms, Court Registry, Atrium and Courthouse Property
  7. Casebooks and Frequently Cited Authorities
  8. Addressing the Court
  9. Incapacity of Judge
  10. Access to Audio Recordings of Court Proceedings  Form: Request for Copy of a CD  from a Court Recording  Form: Request to Listen to a Court Recording  Form: Undertaking of Counsel (DARS CD) 
  11. Use of Electronic Equipment During Court Proceedings  Form: Application to Use Electronic Device 
  12. Copying and Scanning of Court Registry Documents  Form: Photocopy Requisition Form 
  13. Neutral Citation of Judgments
  14. Signature of Counsel
  15. Gowning at Court
  16. Service in French Language
  17. Procedure When Clerk Refuses to File  Form: File Deficiency Insert Sheet 
  18. Identification of Notary Public or Other Person Receiving a Sworn or Affirmed Document (Amended April 22, 2016))
  19. Availability of Supreme Court Rules and Forms
  20. Trial Fees
  21. Accommodation in the Courtroom 


  1. Judicial Settlement Conferences
  2. Appearance Day  Form: Appearance Day Notice
  3. Chambers - Family, Criminal and Civil Schedule
  4. Affidavits and Lists of Documents  Form: List of Documents
  5. Electronic Documents Sharing
  6. Qualifications for Rule 27(14) Court Reporters  Form: Declaration of Certified Reporter
  7. Requests for Trial Dates in Civil Matters
  8. Amendments to Pleadings (Rules 15 and 24)
  9. Certificates of Pending Litigations  Form: Certificate of Pending Litigation   Form: Withdrawal of Certificate of Pending Litigation
  10. Rule 1(7) Mandatory Case Management for Self-Represented Litigants
  11. Foreclosure Petition - Explanatory Notes
  12. Use of Transcripts and Interrogatories in Applications
  13. Form 60 Affidavit of Interpreter 
  14. Civil Enforcement of Criminal Restitution Orders (Criminal Code, s.741)


  1. Criminal Pre-Trial Conference  Form: Criminal Pre-Trial Conference Report
  2. Positions of Counsel in Courtroom on Criminal Matters
  3. Prospective Juror Attendance
  4. Applications in Criminal Law Matters Form: Notice of Application  Form: Order  Form: Consent Order
  5. Assessment Orders (s. 672.11)  Form: Assessment Order Registry Request Form
  6. Chambers - Family, Criminal and Civil Schedule
  7. Peace Officers Appearing as Witnesses
  8. Firearms in Court
  9. Media Access to Documents in Criminal Proceedings
  10. Civil Enforcement of Criminal Restitution Orders (Criminal Code, s. 741)


  1. Divorce and Family Law Orders
  2. Parenting After Separation or Divorce
  3. Family Law Case Conferences  Form: Notice of Family Law Case Conference
  4. Appearance Day  Form: Appearance Day Notice
  5. Interjurisdictional Child Abduction
  6. Rule 63(7) Procedural Step After Long Delay
  7. Identification of Interim Family Law Custody, Access and Child Support
  8. Chambers - Family, Criminal and Civil Schedule
  9. Filing Criminal and Child Protection Orders in Family Law Matters
  10. Temporary Guardianship Applications