Small Claims Court Judgments

Welcome to the Small Claims Courts Judgment Database.

This site contains most of the written Reasons for Judgment of the Small Claims Court since January 2012.  Decisions released prior to January 2012 can be found under the Territorial Court Judgments page.

These judgments are posted on the website as a public service and may not be a complete collection of all decisions released by the Yukon Courts.  A collection of judgments of the Yukon Courts is also posted on CanLII, (  Certain decisions may not available on this site due to privacy reasons.  Many of the Courts’ judgments are delivered orally and may not be added to the website.

The official version of the Reasons for Judgments is the signed original or handwritten endorsement in the Court file.  In the event that there is a question about the content of a Judgment, the original in the Court file takes precedence.

All of our Judgments are available in PDF format.  You will require the free Adobe Reader software installed on your computer to read them.

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Style of Cause Date
16142 Yukon Inc. v. Cashato, 2017 YKSM 7 July 17, 2017
40419 Yukon Inc. v. 365334 Alberta Limited, 2017 YKSM 8 December 1, 2017
7573 Yukon Ltd. v. Divago Resources Ltd., 2017 YKSM 3 February 17, 2017
Cowell v. Sinclair, 2017 YKSM 6 July 10, 2017
Downes v. Trautwein, 2017 YKSM 5 June 22, 2017
Gillelspie v. Cuthbert, 2017 YKSM 2 January 20, 2017
Jenni v. Stockley, 2017 YKSM 9 December 21, 2017
Skky Hotel Inc. v. Yukon Gardens Ltd., 2017 YKSM 4 April 13, 2017
Volare Eurobar Inc. v. Sim, 2017 YKSM 1 January 13, 2017